If you are seeing 2 Peach Payments gateways on your account, this means that you have not uninstalled the previous version. 

The new version of Peach Payments does not have a logo on the gateway for Peach Payments.

1 method to identify which version of Peach Payments is installed is by doing a checkout on your website and seeing if it says Peach Payments or if it has a logo. 

Please see the below steps to take to address the two versions of Peach Payments:

1. Navigate to 'settings' then 'payments'
2. Click manage on Peach Payments if under Payment Providers then Deactivate and Uninstall
3. Click manage on Peach Payments under Supported Payment Methods then Deactivate and Uninstall
4. Close the browser

5. Re-open the browser and use the following link: Setup plugin button
6. Enter your store URL

7. Enter LIVE entity ID and Secret token to complete the syncing of your Shopify store.

Migration Guide