If the Payment Method is CC (credit card) or DC (debit card) and Payment Type is DB (debit), PA (preauthorization), CP (capture), CB (chargeback) and the connector returns one of the below;

"800.100.158", // transaction declined (suspecting manipulation)
"800.100.160", // transaction declined (card blocked)
"800.100.165" // transaction declined (card lost)

then they are automatically marked as fraud and blacklisted.

All subsequent transactions will then be rejected as blacklisted with result code:

Blacklist Validation (50) account or user is blacklisted (800.300.101) 

Background and Context:

Where the card has been blocked for any of these reasons, we will prevent future debits to these cards/users

Where the card is tokenised, a card holder will be required to update their card details with the merchant in order to allow a new or different card to be debited