Peach Payments PaySafe: (payment links)

PaySafe is an e-billing stand-alone platform that allows you to send your Customer a custom electronic bill/Payment request. It is the ideal solution if you want to receive online payments without an e-commerce enabled website or if you need to create on-the-fly custom payment requests.
  • 10 Minutes to set up with custom templates
  • Accept Instant EFT, Visa and Mastercard
  • Card storage for manual single click billing
  • Allow your customers to pay in installments, with budget payment option

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How it works - See how PaySafe works by clicking on the video links :

1. How to create a payment link with Peach Payments PaySafe
  • Please note: ensure no special characters are used in the Invoice ID or Order No. field. Example: "/"
  • This interferes with some acquirer bank's 3DS flow.

2. How does a customer or recipient make a payment with the Peach PaySafe link?

3. How to find payments and understand status of payments links


PaySafe API for developers

PaySafe also has an API that your developers can build into your existing platform, to generate payment links once an order is made or service is booked. This is helpful in cases where you may not have the traditional product purchase model where your customers add goods to their cart and checkout.

View API documentation here

Create an account by getting started here 

If you have any questions about paysafe, contact the peach payments support