The ability to perform recurring payments is also possible via our PaySafe product.

It is not possible through the PaySafe API, but can be achieved through the settings in PaySafe, where there is an option to tokenize the customer's card and then one can use our Recurring Payment API for the recurring payments.

It works as follows:

1.  In the "Settings" tab on a Paysafe profile, under 'Payment Options"  navigate to the below setting and make sure it is switched on, followed by choosing the option suited to the business model of the merchant:

2. Q: How would the merchant receive their registration token to perform future recurring payments?

    A: There are 2 ways to accomplish this:

           1. Manually:

The merchant can manually go into the BIP and grab the UID from the RG of the initial transaction, which they can then use in the recurring payment call via the Recurring Payments API:


            2. Via a Webhook - To Trigger API call / CRON : 

  • The merchant tokenizes with PaySafe (customer enters details in card form and the card is stored). 
  • Then merchant configures a webhook endpoint URL, sends it through to Peach to set up on their profile in BIP to receive all payment notifications (payload will include the RG UID).
  • Merchant then stores the card token (RG UID).
  • The merchant then runs the Recurring Payment API call for recurring payments.

Link to Recurring Payments API Documentation: