Wix offers a variety of Apps that merchants can install to their Wix stores. Here is a link to some of the Apps created by Wix.

Peach Payments currently supports the following Wix Apps and are continuously adding to the list:

  • Wix Stores
  • Wix Bookings
  • Wix Events
  • Wix Music
  • Wix Video
  • Wix Pro Gallery
  • Wix PayAPI

We have recently started supporting Wix Restaurants, which allows restaurant owners to quickly setup Wix websites using several freely available Wix themes.

The process to start using Wix Restaurants App is Simple.

  1. Sign up for Wix and purchase a premium subscription that allows online transaction processing.
  2. Install the Wix Restaurant App on Your website.
  3. Setup Peach Payment Gateway. See this article about Setting up the gateway.
  4. Once the gateway is setup, go to Settings >Advanced Settings > Order Settings and activate online ordering.


If you are an old Wix customer , when you sign up for Wix restaurants and navigate to  Settings >Order Settings, You might see the Payments Option. See highlighted below.

If you click on Payments > Cards, the resulting screen will not have Peach Payments as an option.

If you see the below, you will need to contact Wix Support to activate Peach Payments for you.

You can send the below email to the Wix Support team:

Good day, 

We have recently activated Peach Payments as a Payment Gateway in South Africa and have installed the Wix Restaurants App on our website.

Can you add Peach Payments under Settings > Order Settings for my Wix Website?

We currently see the old Wix Restaurant integration but will like to enable Payments by Wix and use Peach Payments as a gateway.

Kind Regards

Please do reach out to our support team support@peachpayments.com if you have any further questions.