Here is a comparison of the different merchant account options, for card payments acceptance.

Please be aware that these pricing details are generic and do not reflect all Peach payments products. The best way to get pricing information that is most relevant to you is to contact us at for tailored quote, based on your business needs.

You can have your business bank account at any South African bank. The merchant account is a processing agreement with an acquiring bank, that enables you to collect card payments from your customers.

The key differences between the merchant account options are with respect to :

1. Frequency of settlement

2. Lead time to get setup

3. Payment brands that your customers' can pay with (eg. VISA, MASTERCARD, etc)

Standard Pricing

**NB: All fees exclude VAT**




ISO Merchant Account (NEDBANK / ABSA / FNB) 

Merchant Account

Once-off Setup Fee



Peach Monthly Service Fee **(Optional) 


R300 p/m

Monthly Licensing Fee


R150 p/m

Processing Fee (Per transaction)* 



Tokenisation/Card Storage **(Optional)

*R200 p/m 

*R200 p/m

Refunds (Per refund/reversal)



Special Transactions - per Transaction

Per new card stored (Optional) 



Commission Fees: Visa / Mastercard

2.95% / 3.5%

(3DS / non 3DS or International card)



Contract Period 

Cancel anytime 

              Cancel anytime

Settlement Cycles



Setup / Lead Time

7-14 working days

14-20 working days

Foreign Cards Acceptance 



Multi-Currency Processing***



Card Acceptance Options

Visa/Mastercard ONLY


Please be aware that you can still accept other payment methods, such as EFTSECURE, MASTERPASS and MOBICRED, with the Peach merchant account option, although VISA and MASTERCARD are the only card brands available with this option.

**We do not charge monthly fees for Wix, Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento merchants, where the payment flow is once-off

Blended means one rate that applies regardless of volume or card type (debit or credit card)

*Processing Fees:(i.e. Debits)– per transaction costs will drop with more transactions that you do with us.

Special Transactions:Card Storage, per card stored, once off, for the lifetime use of that card.

**Tokenisation: You will need this, should you wish to make use of Card Storage (for future purchases) or for 1-Click Checkout, Subscription or Recurring Billing within your payment model *(i.e. Card Storage)– Once off charge, per card stored - for the lifetime value of that cards use (Please refer to attached Brochure for further information on this option)

***Multi-Currency Card Acceptance:For more information on how to apply for a Multi-Currency acceptance see the following article:

Solution 1- is through our aggregation model where everything flows through us and there is no need for your own merchant account. –Quick and easy to setup
Most merchants prefer to start off on this solution. Settlement however happens twice a week.
  • To register for a Peach merchant account >> Click Here

Solution 2 – is through your own merchant account.  We will be able to manage the application process for you so that you don't have to deal with the bank directly. 
  • To register for a Nedbank merchant account >> Click Here