Businesses have different merchant account options with Peach, for card payments collections.

For the Peach merchant account, here is how to get a list of transactions that are included in a settlement batch, from the merchant dashboard (Console)

While this works for other merchant account options, settlement is not handled by Peach, with these options.

Here are the steps to find out a list of transactions included in your batch settlement

Please select the correct timeframe - This video is only a guide. (Thursday till Wednesday 23:59:59)


  1. log in at

  2. Select the time period (Typically, settlement is done on Thursdays, weekly. All transactions from Thursday until Wednesday 23:59:59, that reflect in time for settlement, should be included in the weekly batch total) 

  3. Apply the filters below

    • Set the date (between Thursday and Wednesday)

    • Payment type - Charge

    • Status - successful

  4. Click on APPLY to apply the filter and load the relevant transactions.

  5. Click on EXPORT

  6. Navigate to HOME  in the side menu

  7. Click on EXPORT TRANSACTIONS - this will display any exported CSV files with a DOWNLOAD link.

  8. Click on DOWNLOAD - This will then export the transactions.

The total amount should match the amount that was settled into your bank account, from Peach.

Please be aware that the amount settled will be NET of any REFUNDS processed

The reference on your bank statement for the settlement should follow this format PEACHDDMMYYYY.

Should you have any queries or questions, please reach out to us at