If you intend to only process cards and are not using a CMS such as Wix, Magento, Shopify or woocommerce, you can do a custom integration with us.

Updated to this article - change of endpoint:



Current Domain

New Domain




Customer Test (Staging)



Once you have successfully completed the steps outlined above please ensure you have checked all your API calls to have updated/are using the new endpoint

FAQ’s around the Endpoint Change:

  • Are credit card tokens shared between oppwa.com and eu-prod.oppwa.com?

    • Yes, this will have no impact on any tokens that have been created or any new tokens.

  • Is the same data shared between the two endpoints? ie. If we did a card authorisation on oppwa.com, would the capture succeed on eu-prod.oppwa.com? -

    • Yes, the same data is shared and available. 

  • With regards to transactions we see on BIP, is this data also shared between the two?

    • Yes, it’s the same BIP and Console, there is no difference. 

Deadline - End of June 2022 the current endpoint oppwa.com will be deactivated/redundant


Options are to custom integrate with our hosted payments page. See link below;

A. Peach Checkout https://support.peachpayments.com/support/solutions/articles/47001121449-getting-started-with-checkout-hosted-payments-page- 

If you don't like the above redirect.

B. Peach Open Payments - This option has 3 possible implemetations depending on your platform and requirments ;

1) Server to Server:

Documentation: https://peachpayments.docs.oppwa.com/tutorials/server-to-server 

Important links:

2) Copy and Pay:

Note:  This form of integration is the most recommended as we provide a javascript widget where the customer enters card data and you don't need to worry about being PCI compliant.

Documentation: https://peachpayments.docs.oppwa.com/tutorials/integration-guide 

Important Links:

3) Mobile SDK:

Important Links:

Other important articles:

If you need information on integration, please contact support@peachpayments.com