To connect Peach Payments to your Shopify Store:

1) Contact if you don't have an account yet. we will set up your Shopify API credentials and also give you access to the console where you can log in to view transactions.

2) Once setup, we will send you a set of credentials, comprising of an ENTITY ID and a SECRET TOKEN, which you will use in the following integration guide:

Integration Guide:

-> Go to the back end of your Shopify store 

-> Click on settings (bottom left of screen)


-> Payments 

-> Add Third-Party Payment Provider

-> Select Peach Payments 

-> (manage) 

-> Input Entity ID & Secret Token in respective fields 

-> Set to Test Mode if we have sent you TEST credentials, located at the bottom of the page

-> Once you receive LIVE credentials, swap them out for your TEST credentials, and eactivate TEST mode 

-> Save changes

3) Whitelist your domain  - Please send your stores URL domain for us to whitelist on your merchant profile - please include the name of your company.

Once the above steps are completed and you have your Shopify API credentials from Peach Payments, follow the below steps while logged in to your Shopify store.

Please reach out to if you have further questions.