To connect Peach Payments to your Shopify Store:

1) Contact if you don't have an account yet. we will set up your Shopify API credentials and also give you access to the console where you can log in to view transactions.

2) API Credentials:

You will find this once ypou log into the console: Checkout > your Shopify Checkout Account > Live Configuration.

Your account manager will also send this to you in an email:

3) Whitelist your domain  - Click on the tab Domains and whitelist your Shopify domain (without https://) This usually looks like: This is the domain on which your store is hosted.

4) Install your plugin - Visit the Below link to install the Peach Payments Plugin in your Shopify store.

Install Peach Payments Plugin in Shopify Store

5)  Authorize your plugin - You will then be asked to login to your Shopify where you can authorize our plugin.  

6) Navigate to the Peach plugin - Once the Authorization is complete, you should be able to navigate to Settings > Payment Providers. Peach Payments will be listed in Alternative payment methods. 

7) Configure your plugin - Click on "Edit" and enter the API credentials from the portal. You can find these under Checkout > your Shopify Checkout Account > Live . 

NB: "DONT ËNABLE TEST MODE" if you have been provided with LIVE credentials.