Merchants can use Xero to create invoices that will send a payment request to their customer (via email) using the Peach Payments PaySafe service.

When a merchant creates an invoice in Xero and sends to their customer, their customer will receive a PaySafe link that lets them pay with a credit card. 

Step 1:
Navigate to your PaySafe profile, and click on Settings, then Integration:

Step 2:
Select the "Connect to Xero" radio button and click "Connect to XERO"

You will now be redirected to Xero's login page and enter the login details.

Once logged in, select the Xero organization - Peach Payments and then click on "Allow Access"

You will then be redirected back to Peach Payments PaySafe Portal.

Then, select one of the available "Paid to" accounts from the drop-down list.

From here, the merchant will need to copy the custom payment URL provided from PaySafe and then go to their Xero account:

Navigate to: “General Settings > Invoice Settings” and then click on the “Payment Services” button.

Click on add payment service > Custom payment URL > paste your copied URL in Custom URL field.