This WooCommerce plugin has a few new functions:

  • New payment methods: customers can now also pay via EFT Secure, Mobicred and Masterpass
  • Card payments authentication: authentication via the Access Token instead of username and password. The method via username and password is being deprecated per 31st of August 2020

The movie below shows you:

  • Customer experience (part 1)
  • Configuration (part 2)

How to get started?

  • Get your credentials
    • Card payments: Make sure you have the Access Token from Peach Payments. You can find this at (go to Merchants > your Merchant > Development > Live credentials). If you don't have an account, please contact us at
    • In case you want to use EFT Secure, Mobicred or Masterpass:
      • Ask Peach Payments to setup your merchant accounts for these payment methods
      • Once this is done you will receive a Secret and EntityId to configure your plugin
  • Install the plugin by looking for Peach Payments in WooCommerce
  • Configure your plugin - with the  credentials from step 1 (Secret, EntityId and Access Token)
  • Enable webhooks (optional)- In case you want to enable the webhooks in the plugin (to guarantee 100% that your payment response is correct) - please send your domain and ask them to configure: