This error happens when a customer navigates back to the payment widget step after checkout, after previously entering their card details and progressing to the payment status step. The system does not recognise the session because there has already been an outcome.

A customer may do this if their browser disrupts the normal display of the transaction status, and therefore the customer is not aware that the transaction is successful. As such they click the "back" button on the browser to return to the order checkout step, to avoid having to go through the full checkout process again.

A checkoutID is created on every payment session. If a merchant's systems queries the status of a transaction once (so that the system knows what to communicate to the customer and the administrator), the checkoutID expires and is no longer valid.

Please note that this message will only display on the front-end, to the customer. As such, if the customer does not notify the administrator of the error message, Peach support will not be aware of it but we can get the information from our technical platform team, if we have a reference for them to check with.

A sample of the full error that is displayed on the front-end below:

Payment cannot be completed.
Please contact support with following information:
submitPciIframe failed with status: Bad Request and response: {"result":{"code":"200.300.404","description":"invalid or missing parameter - (opp) No payment session found for the requested id - are you mixing test/live servers or have you paid more than 30min ago?"},"buildNumber":"03c6f2bbb0cc3ff0abfe24f8d6e905f29e87c26f@2017-02-03 12:42:38 +0000","timestamp":"2017-02-07 10:10:52+0000","ndc":"8b90c30a39134899ba25fb82017897fe"}
ndc: 7D2CADB6CE9A65CDC75330539D940E2A.sbg-vm-tx01
timestamp: Tue, 07 Feb 2017 10:10:30 GMT