Switching from Demo mode to Live mode for card acceptance, is different per integration method. This article describes some pointers per integration method.

In all cases there are 2 steps:

1) In your integration/configuration, replace your demo credentials with the live credentials that you received via email or picked up from the Console

2) Switch the mode over from Demo to Live (varies per integration)

  • API/SDK: Change the endpoint from https://eu-test.oppwa.com to https://eu-prod.oppwa.com

  • WooCommerce: Go to Settings > Payments tab (top of the screen) > Select Peach Payments > Setup/Manage > Transaction Mode: Live

  • Shopify: In the configuration, remove the tick for "Use Test Mode" (see article)

  • Magento (Peach plugin): In the configuration change Mode from Sandbox to Live (see article)

  • Magento (Customweb plugin): In the configuration change Operation Mode = Live mode

Updated to this article - change of endpoint:



Current Domain

New Domain




Customer Test (Staging)



Once you have successfully completed the steps outlined above please ensure you have checked all your API calls to have updated/are using the new endpoint

FAQ’s around the Endpoint Change:

  • Are credit card tokens shared between oppwa.com and eu-prod.oppwa.com?

    • Yes, this will have no impact on any tokens that have been created or any new tokens.

  • Is the same data shared between the two endpoints? ie. If we did a card authorisation on oppwa.com, would the capture succeed on eu-prod.oppwa.com? -

    • Yes, the same data is shared and available. 

  • With regards to transactions we see on BIP, is this data also shared between the two?

    • Yes, it’s the same BIP and Console, there is no difference. 

Deadline - End of June 2022 the current endpoint oppwa.com will be deactivated/redundant