Peach PaySafe is a payment links solution, that allows a business to create unique, secure once off payment links, to be sent via email, SMS or any other external messaging service, to a customer to collect payments.

This video shows you how a customer receives and completes the payment, using the PaySafe payment link

PaySafe is great for form based orders or bookings, that do not follow the traditiional "add to cart" retail model for eCommerce. Many accommodation, event and other service based professionals and businesses, use PaySafe to collect payments via card and EFT.

Peach PaySafe functionality is also available via API. This API allows you to add the link generation function into your own platform. 

The PaySafe hosted payment page is also then accessed by the recipient of the payment link. This is where the payment is completed and a result of the payment is retrieved by your platform, from the PaySafe API.


View the PaySafe API here