When trying to GET the payment status in step 3 of copy and pay or server to server integration, there is a chance you will encounter the following error: "invalid or missing parameter (200.300.404)"

The response would look like this:

{"result":{"code":"200.300.404","description":"invalid or missing parameter - (opp) No payment session found for the requested id - are you mixing test/live servers or have you paid more than 30min ago?"},"buildNumber":"82d393aad4390f43d567cfe15346f9e89bda7fae@2018-05-25 08:09:59 +0000","timestamp":"2018-05-28 07:36:55+0000","ndc":"5a17f05d53944ae1b2fe3d22f03e0881"}

There are a number of reasons why this error might be thrown. Below are a few of the more common reasons:

  • You are mixing up live end test endpoints
  • You have waited more than 30 minutes with step 3 and therefore the checkout id has expired
  • You are requesting the status with the checkout ID AND the parameters (username, password, entityId). If this is the case, remove the parameters from the request and use the checkout id only. For example 
  • https://eu-test.oppwa.com/v1/checkouts/xxx5E5B054.sbg-vm-tx02/payment
  • You are requesting the payment status for the second time. You can only request the status once with the checkoutId (after one time the checkoutId expires). To request the payment status a second time, please see this page