This article gives you more information on pricing in foreign currencies, for merchants with WooCommerce (Wordpress) integrations.

More info here : Woocommerce currency info

Also to note : For non-local cards, the amount that will be charged to the customer's account will always be slightly different to the expected.

Some banks may also levy additional forex charges and this may end up confusing the customer


Recommended solution:

Give your international customers an indication or representative amount that they can expect to be billed on their statement, before checkout :

There are some plugins that do this but we cannot guarantee or support third party plugins. An example :


How this has been done on some sites :


Another example :


Add text to your products, to give an APPROXIMATE converted price, in your customers' local currencies :


ZAR primary currency in Woocommerce not supported yet for PayPal in South Africa (at the time of writing).

Peach payments is currently testing a multi-currency merchant account which should be available to merchants in the first quarter of 2019