This shows you how to see and view payments statuses, so that you know whether your payer has completed the payment via the PaySafe payment link or not.


How to view PaySafe payment link information

Log into and navigate to "Payment History". Here, you can search for a transaction with some reference you have available.

How to find a payment in PaySafe

The easiest way to find a transaction is with the Transaction ID which is the order number that you assigned, when the payment link was created.

You can also filter to narrow down your search, to help you find your transaction much easier.

How to understand the payment status

On the "Payment History" page, you can click on a transaction once you have found it to check for the status and other information on the payment link.

The payment Status tab shows the following information :
Payment status - this could be pending or paid
Payment link - this displays the actual payment link, in case you would need to copy and send it via offline channels

Source - this is where the payment link was created. This could be :

Web portal - generated
API - merchant custom platform or external API generated
XERO - Xero accounting invoice generated
SageOne - SageOne accounting invoice generated

More on payments statuses in the "Events" tab
The events tab shows you more detailed information on how the payer and payment link creator, have interacted with the payment link. Here you can see when a payment was created, when an email was sent, when a payer clicked on the link, and so on. More on this here

What does Attempted and Successful mean for the payment event ?
Attempted - Customer tried to pay but was unsuccessful or the status has not yet been updated from the payments processor

Successful - Payment has been completed and you can expect to receive the funds