Send Payment Links as emails or SMS to Customers

Peach PaySafe is a great way to get up and running collecting payments, without any development work required, or to supplement your current payment flow with a turnkey bill payments solution.

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PaySafe via API into your invoicing platform


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This shows you how to create a payment link to be sent to your customer in an email or SMS, for the customer to complete payment to you via available payment methods like card, EFT, ALIPAY, MPESA (Please confirm payment methods available with your account manager)

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Steps to create a Peach Payments PaySafe payment link

  • Log into in LIVE or 
  • Complete the "Settings" section with all the necessary and applicable information. This section might have already been completed by your account Manager.




  • Complete the "Create Payment" Section.
  • Upload any relevant documents to be sent to the payer. This could be an invoice or help document for the payer's benefit
  • Add any notes that you want to appear in the message to the payer
  • Select a sending option (either or both SMS and email)
  • Click on preview, and when done reviewing, click on "Submit". This will trigger the payment link or display the link, if you chose "Generate link only"

  •  Once invoice is sent, you should see all generated invioces under payment history. You should also see the status of the payment.


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If you have any questions about Paysafe, contact the peach payments support