Many of our foreign users are not used to 3D-secure and get this wrong on multiple attempts. Will we be at risk of them being blocked?

  • Your customer’s card won’t be blocked or otherwise affected if they repeatedly attempt a 3D-secure payment.

  • It is true, that you will in general experience a lower conversion rate when accepting foreign cards. This is inherent in the card processing risk management system and it also specifically applies to a mandatory 3D-secure authentication process that is not familiar to all foreign cardholders.

    However, foreign cards, that are not enabled for the 3D-secure process won’t be automatically rejected.

    We’d also be happy to jointly look at you at all compliant ways to improve the conversion rate overall once we see the transaction patterns.

  • We have the experience that the conversion rates increases with an explanation of 3D-secure before or during checkout at the payment step.

  • Should you expect many foreign card transactions, we'd also recommend informing these customers in advance to ensure that their bank has enabled their card for foreign transactions. eCommerce transactions on a merchant account that is not local to the card, are also seen as foreign transactions.