FAQs for Peach Payments BIP

The points below may give some tips and make the BIP user experience slightly better for team members, who use the BIP on a regular basis.

How do I view transactions ?

  • Once logged in, click on TRANSACTIONS
  • Select a date range, or enter a specific criteria or filter to search for
  • Click on search

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How can I see whether a transaction is successful or not ?

  • Look out for the transaction type you are querying and check for the green "successful" tick or status.
  • View some common reasons why transactions are declined here

I have clicked on "Forgot password" but still have not received my new password - what is going wrong ?

For security reasons, our support team will still need to authorise a password reset. Please send an email to support@peachpayments.com to have a temporary password triggered to your registered email address.

Why do I get logged out of the BIP so frequently ?

The BIP automatically logs a user out if the transactions, settings or other sensitive page is opened and left dormant. To prevent this, you can stay on the "My Dashboard" homepage. Staying on this homepage will keep your transactions out of plain sight when not in use and also prevent automatic log out.

How can I download transaction information and payment information ?

  • You can export data from the BIP in CSV format for further analysis.
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How do I export transaction data from the BIP?

More useful information - Download proof of refund and proof of 3DS (where applicable)


Why are my transactions in the BIP reflecting at a different time to when my customer purchased ?

You may need to check your BIP time preferences, to make sure that your timezone corresponds with your online shop's timezone - From your BIP dashboard, navigate to the top right hand side of the screen, click on "my preferences" and then click on "change timezone" from the drop-down menu.


How do I add more users to view transactions and operate our business profile on Peach ?

Contact support@peachpayments.com to request this. More info here