For standalone 3DSecure ONLY the following transactions are considered successful:


In addition the follow result codes are considered successful ONLY if ECI value is NOT 07

If at any point ECI value is 07 then transaction must be rejected no matter what since you are not allowed to process payment then.

For 3Dsecure you can expect the following flow once you submit a request:

  1. Outcome 1 – you will receive a response with result code 000.200.000 – this indicates that the user must be redirected. In this case you will use the redirect information to redirect user to the Authentication page from the issuing bank.

    1. Once user completes the 3DSecure process then they will be returned to your site with the final outcome of the transaction. Same rules as above apply for success or failure.

  2. Outcome 2 – you will receive a 000.400.101 or 000.400.102 response with ECI set to 01 or 06 (basically NOT 07)

    1. You can process this transaction

  3. Outcome 3 – you will receive a response with ECI 07 and 000.400.101 or 000.400.102 or a different result code – this is a failed attempt.

    1. Do not process transaction.