This article gives an orientation on the relevant features, to assist with payments operations, once a merchant has gone LIVE.

This covers reconciliation (recon), settlement (deposit of sales into business account) and reporting.


Viewing transaction status and reporting

With regards to reporting, you have access to a recon dashboard and BIP,
To see what you have been charged, on a monthly basis, you will receive an invoice which contains a tally of all relevant transaction types and corresponding costs.

Understanding why payments are not successful

You can also view and export transactions for a desired period, from the BIP.

While setting up with Peach payments, you would have confirmed 2 email addresses, to which the below emails will be sent. Please contact to add or change any of these.

- Technical notification emails
- Recon emails
- Invoice emails


Peach merchant account (Aggregation)

You should receive settlement once a week.
Funds may reflect on Friday morning in your business bank account.

Nedbank merchant account

You should receive settlement on a daily basis from Nedbank. What you make online today, will reflect in your bank account within normal bank clearing periods (typically 1 day),

if your business account is not with Nedbank. The reference for this batch settlement would typically have your Nedlink merchant number and a cycle number as reference. The cycle number also tells you which date the settlement applies to.


Login Process

Go to
Access your recon data with your existing BIP Username and Password (You may be redirected to contact to activate your account)

Using the Recon system

Once you have logged in you will be able to see your "Dashboard" for the month
The menu on the left allows you to access the recon batch data or individual transactions.

Click on:

Recon Report - to access your recon batch reports (to match your bank account settlements)
Transactions - to search for individual transactions using our UniqueID or your transaction / order Id