You may want to receive a notification once a payment has gone through successfully. Please note that your integration / platform may have limitations or specifications on the below:


Notifications to your customer

We do not send payment confirmation because we are not customer facing. 

Our systems are integrated into your website so technically (especially as far as the customer is concerned) we are not separate from the website.

This means any communication to the customer would need to be from you directly to your customer.


Notifications to your systems or to an administrator

All transactions are available in realtime in our Business Intelligence Platform (BIP).

We send the transaction status securely to your systems to notify your order management. Your systems can always query the status of the transaction via our API. Please see more here

In the event that you would need a more end-user-centric solution (eg. triggering to message to an email address), please see our note on webhooks below.


Webhooks solution for both cases above

We can assist your developers to implement webhooks that can trigger a notification email based on a particular payment event on our side. (eg. whenever there is a successful debit)

For this, you would need to contact with the following information

  • HTTPS webhooks URL

  • Event for which the webhook should be triggered

  • Technical contact emailID

More details on webhooks below. With webhooks, you can perform 3rd party events and tasks based on a specific transaction outcome.


Technical information on webhooks

For Woocommerce this is available out of the box

Navigate to Woocommerce settings > Emails to view how to configure email notifications. Many plugins also extend this functionality to give additional options. Please verify and test any 3rd party plugins thoroughly,

how to configure Woocommerce admin and customer email notifications