Follow the steps below:

  • Login to the Recon System on (using the same credentials as those used on the BIP)

  • In case you are asked to be given permission, please send a message to and we will provide you access

  • Once logged in: Click on “Transactions” to the far left, then you enter the unique ID of the refund transaction (found at this RF-transaction in the BIP). See explanation below.

  • Click “Get Transaction”. This will display the transaction details for the data entered

  • Click on “View”, then in the Summary box, click on “Document Download” to the right to download the document


How do I get the unique ID of the refund?

  • Find the transaction in the BIP and open it

  • Click on the Actions-tab and select the refund (RF), by clicking on the timestamp

  • You'll find the Unique ID under Summary