Our aim for this COPYandPAY update were:

  • to make the merchant's integration more safe and simple 

  • the merchant integrates once while the Peach Payments then manages/enables new brands and features

  • to support more advanced use cases like allowing merchants to now send transactions at a common channel and then Peach Payments automatically rerouting them based on the brand fo the card and payment method etc.,

The features can be grouped into 3 different categories:

  • Integration and setup

  • Options and API

  • Performance considerations

Integration and setup

In COPYandPAY v3 the developer had to provide the payment brands (i.e. MASTER, VISA, PAYPAL etc.,) had to be entered in the payment form html code on the merchant's checkout page.

As of v4 there is an additional option: Peach Payments can configure the brands in our back-end and the merchant would no longer be required to enter these 

We believe this to be an improvement to the workflow because new additional brands can be made available in the merchant's shop without any development to their payment form. This is very useful for merchants who cannot quickly roll out simple code changes or in response to future brand changes or mandates.

Options & API

We've closed the COPYandPAY API and now offer a predefined set of options to extend and adapt the payment widgets. This makes it simpler to adapt the COPYandPAY library, as outside the options no custom Javascript snippets have to be written anymore.

On the other hand this also makes it safer to customize COPYandPAY as a PSP/merchant can't inadvertently overwrite any internal behaviours of the API.

Performance considerations

We're intensifying our focus on performance, since even small changes have a significant impact on a merchant's conversion rate.

We changed the default guideline in the COPYandPAY Integration Guide to load the library asynchronously. This avoids the situation that a slow loading of the library could block the shopper from seeing the payment page's content. We also provide merchants on request more advanced insights on how to optimize page loading speed with COPYandPAY.