Merchants may want to perform health checking / monitor our system for availability. Typically merchants would do this to ensure that Peach Payment systems are up and running.

In order to monitor our transaction platforms for availability:

  • Please don't use a ping. Our firewalls prevent ping messages.

We would instead recommend that you use our dedicated monitoring URLs to perform any health monitoring checks our system.




call frequency

TEST System: every 15 seconds
LIVE System:

every 15 seconds
Primary Datacenter: every 15 seconds

Secondary Datacenter: every 15 seconds


You can query the above URLs every 15 second only. Higher frequency of requests will trigger our firewalls to block the sending IP address potentially impacting your transaction processing.


You will receive and 'ACK' response from these URLs indicating that our systems are available and performing as expected with no issues / problems being experienced currently.


If in case our system is not available or experiencing any issues then this service will respond with 'NOK'.


In some rare cases the merchant may be experiencing issues while the response from the monitoring URL is still ACK.  Please note, that our monitoring services take the perspective of the whole platform.


For further monitoring capabilities, please check the available Monitoring widgets in the Peach Payments console (BIP) dashboard, where you can subscribe for getting emails for several kinds of alerts. 


We also recommend that you also monitor transaction response data with respect to the return codes you are receiving. If you receive unusual return codes for a longer period (depending on the amount of traffic), it can provide a hint to the nature of the problem and also help in contacting us for resolution.