Merchant's system / server received a detailed response for every transaction processed on the Peach Payments platform. Each transaction response contains the following 2 codes that help the merchant understand what happened to the transaction

1. Processing Code - The processing code is simply a concatenation of the Status Code and the Reason Code. Processing codes have the format: 00.00 e.g. 90.00 with the first two digits representing the status and the last two digits representing the reason.

2. Return Code - The return tag is a more specific message that provides the merchant with more granular information on the overall result of the transaction.

Please note that the availability and use of the particular Status, Reason and Return codes also depends on whether they are supported by the applicable processing partner. Hence, some of these may not be available for your payment method / partner bank / payment method operator.


Following are the available Reason Codes. These are represented below in conjunction with the Status Codes. You may also download the list as a properties file (see attached)

Reason CodeDescription
00.00Submission to Clearing Network
40.103DSecure Not Applied
40.153DSecure Authentication Validation
40.20Intercard error
40.25DeutschePost address check communication error
59.94Waiting Bank
60.10Communication Error
60.20Format Error
60.30Reference Error
60.40System Error
60.50Authentification/Authorization Error
60.60Registration Error
60.70Communication Error
60.71External system down or not available
60.75Intercard Error
60.77DeutschePost Error
60.78External Risk Error
60.79telego! CreditPass Error
60.80Risk Management Error
60.853D Secure Error
60.90Error in asynchronous workflow
60.95Authorization Error
64.78Waiting Risk
65.30Doublet Validation
65.31Velocity Validation
65.32Uniqueness Validation
65.33Registration Validation
65.35Amount Validation
65.36Name Validation
65.37Location Validation
65.38Dispatching Validation
65.50Blacklist Validation
65.60Address Validation
65.75Intercard Error
65.77Deutsche Post Error
65.78External Risk Error
65.79Telego Risk Error
65.80User Authentication Error
65.853DSecure Error
70.10Configuration Validation
70.15Transaction Mode Prohibited
70.20Format Error
70.21Source Type Prohibited
70.25Semantic Validation
70.30Reference Error
70.31Velocity Validation
70.35Amount Error
70.40Account Validation
70.45Bank Code Validation
70.50Blacklist Validation
70.55Whitelist Validation
70.60Address Error
70.61Contact Error
70.64Registration Error
70.65Schufa Validation
70.70Job Error
70.75Feedback Validation
70.80Risk Management Error
70.90Reversal Period Expired
70.95Not Authorized
80.00Transaction Pending
90.00Successful Processing
90.70Successful Processing, please review manually
90.90Updated Successful Processing