The Copy and Pay widget allows you to modify any aspect of the widget. Below we explain how to modify the Pay Now button but you can apply the same logic to modify other aspects as well.

You can modify any aspect of the form as follows:

  1. Please save the content of as ‘widget.js’

  2. You can access the uncompressed (human readable) version here:

  3. Now search the text for 'Pay Now' and change it to your requirements. 

Please host the file as 'widget.js' on your webserver, preferably in the same directory in which the payment form is located. Then please change the URL in the payment form from ''; to 'widget.js?language=en&style=none' or to the directory, in which the 'widget.js' is hosted, for example 'myfiles\widget.js?language=en&style=none’