There are a number of ways to validate cards prior to storing them in the credit card vault to enable Single Click / Recurring billing solutions:

  • Luhn Algorithm - Bank card numbers are allocated in accordance with ISO/IEC 7812 which includes a single digit for Checksum validation. Our Copy and Pay and iFrame-based payment forms automatically validate each card number the consumer enters for this.
  • CVV and Brand/BIN range validation - Our platform also checks whether the card number entered by the user matches a BIN range that is allotted to a particular card brand (i.e. VISA, MasterCard, etc.) and if the CVV format entered by the customer is correct
  • Risk Checks - We can also optionally activate the 'Account Validation through known BIN Range' risk check to validate the BIN that is entered by the customer
  • 3DSecure validation - We can set up your channel in a way that all Registration (RG) transactions will require a 3DSecure validation before the card can be stored. The system can also be set up to deal with the VISA U status and also errors in the 3DSecure process
  • RG.PA -  While a bit more complicated flow, it is very effective in determining if the card the consumer is supplying is legitimate or not. If you replace your PAYMENT.TYPE parameter from RG to RG.PA then we will execute the RG and then immediately execute a PA on the card. You can specify a low amount like ZAR 1 for this transaction. If the PA comes back as unsuccessful then you can immediately execute a DR (Deregistration) for the stored card and inform the customer that their card is not valid. Contact us for special pricing if you are looking to implement this flow.


Please contact us if you need help with implementing any of the above schemes.