Use case

  • A merchant or PSP wishes to offer a call center product for customer service agents and / or mail order ordering

  • The provided eTerminal doesn't offer enough flexibility for a particular use case

  • The payment form also requires the submittal of additional fields


There is one main difference between a callcenter agent and a normal shopper: A callcenter agent is allowed to see more data, i.e. it's ok for a callcenter agent to see or even change data like the payment type, amount, transactionID, currency, usage. Sometimes it even makes sense for a callcenter agent to change the channel on the fly (e.g. depending on the status/country of the shopper, the selected products or payment provider).

None of these data should ever be visible to a normal shopper as this could pose a security risk!

Let’s walk through the steps

This functionality can be accomplished with the following steps from the use cases on this page:

  • To offer callcenter agents an efficient user experience, it makes sense to add fields like e.g. the amount directly to the payment form .

  • The workflow may require an agent to store additional information within the form.


Please contact us for more information if you would like to use Peach Payments in your call center.