To cancel a subscription you would do the following:

  1. Cancel the subscription in your back-end i.e. subscription management system
  2. De-register a stored card (if required) i.e. delete the card from our vault.

Deleting a stored card from the Peach Payments vault is relatively easy.

We recommend that merchants provide users with the facility to delete stored cards at any time. A simple implementation is to provide a delete button next to the stored card display on the user account management page.

If a subscription is cancelled / user clicks delete button:

  1. Execute a transactions with the payment code set to CC.DR / payment type DR
  2. Send the stored TOKEN (UniqueID from the original RG transaction) in the IDENTIFICATION.REFERENCEID or field

 Deregistering the card also incurs a transaction cost.

Sample Request (you would send in XML):

<Request version="1.0"> 


<Security sender="123a456b789c123d456e789f012g345" /> 


<Transaction mode="LIVE" response="SYNC" channel="678a456b789c123d456e789f012g432"> 

     <User login="421a456b789c123d456e789f012g098" pwd="56b789c123d456e789f"/> 





     <Payment code="CC.DR"/> 



Sample Request (you would send in CopyAndPay) - Available here :

curl -X DELETE "{id}\
?entityId=8a8294174e735d0c014e78cf26461790" \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer OGE4Mjk0MTc0ZTczNWQwYzAxNGU3OGNmMjY2YjE3OTR8cXl5ZkhDTjgzZQ=="