To cancel a subscription, you would do the following:

  1. Cancel the subscription in your back-end i.e. subscription management system
  2. De-register a stored card programatically i.e. delete the card from our vault.
  3. De-register a stored card manually via our BIP portal.

Deleting a stored card from the Peach Payments vault is relatively easy.

We recommend that merchants provide users with the facility to delete stored cards at any time. A simple implementation is to provide a delete button next to the stored card display on the user account management page.

Once stored, a token can be deleted using the HTTP DELETE method against the

Note: Deregistering the card also incurs a transaction cost.

Sample Request:

curl -X DELETE "\
?entityId=8a8294174e735d0c014e78cf26461790" \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer OGE4Mjk0MTc0ZTczNWQwYzAxNGU3OGNmMjY2YjE3OTR8cXl5ZkhDTjgzZQ=="


De-Registering the stored card on the BIP:

1. Navigate to the transaction section.
2. Enter in the registrationId, transactionId or UniqueId of the transaction in the search field.

3. Click on the specific customer's transaction whereby you are needing to de-register (DR) the card.

4. Click on the 'Actions' tab - Ensure that the RG is selected, you can see which transaction is selected as the text will be in bold.

5. Simply follow the prompts to deregister the card.
6. You should now see a 'DR' type in the transaction history.