Common Mobicred Result Codes



Mobicred Description Status in PeachPayments System Result Code
Purchase Approved OK ACK  000.000.000
Purchase Cancelled OK  ACK  000.000.000
Purchase Refunded OK ACK 000.000.000
Invalid Username NOK  100.380.401
Incorrect Password   NOK 100.380.401
Customer account not
NOK  800.100.195
Account Requires
NOK  800.100.176
Account in Arrears  NOK 800.100.162
Insufficient Funds NOK 800.100.162
OTP Incorrect  NOK  800.100.166
OTP Expired  NOK  800.100.166
Maximum OTP
incorrect attempts

NOK  800.100.166
Maximum OTP resend
requests reached
NOK 800.100.166
MerchantID cannot be
NOK 800.100.156
MerchantID not found  NOK  800.100.190
MerchantID disabled  NOK  800.100.190
MerchantKey cannot
be blank

NOK  800.100.156
MerchantKey incorrect  NOK  800.100.156
cannot be blank

NOK  800.100.156

NOK  800.100.156
Error saving

NOK  800.100.156
Amount cannot be

NOK  800.100.174
MerchantID not
enabled for

NOK  800.100.190
Effective product
transaction not found

NOK  800.100.167
OTP not sent  NOK  800.100.100
MCReference not valid  NOK  800.100.167
Customer account
record not found for

NOK  800.100.195
Customer record not
found for transaction

NOK  800.100.195
OTP not required  NOK  800.100.100
Error Posting
transaction to GL

NOK  800.100.100
User login has
insufficient privileges

NOK  800.100.190
Cannot refund more
than purchase balance

NOK  700.400.200
Invalid Merchant IP

NOK  800.900.401
Purchase is in created

NOK  800.100.152
Purchase is in
approved state

NOK  800.100.152
Purchase in refunded

NOK  800.100.152
Purchase in declined

NOK  800.100.152
Purchase in an
unknown state

NOK  800.100.152


Result Code Description
000.000.000 Transaction successfully processed in LIVE system
000.100.110 Transaction successfully processed in TEST system
100.396.101 Cancelled by user
100.396.104 Uncertain status - probably cancelled by user
600.200.500 Invalid payment data. You are not configured for this currency of
sub type
200.300.404 Parameter in the incorrect format (The returned description will
give details on which parameter is in the incorrect format)
600.200.400 Unsupported Payment Type (only DB is allowed as a payment
800.900.300 Invalid authentication information (Authentication password is
800.900.201 Unknown channel (Entity Id in payment request is incorrect)
100.380.401 User Authentication Failed
100.380.501 Risk management transaction timeout
800.100.195 Transaction declined (UserAccount Number/ID unknown)
800.100.176 Transaction declined (account temporarily not available. Please try
again later)
800.100.162 Transaction declined (limit exceeded)
800.100.166 Transaction declined (Incorrect personal identification number)
800.100.156 Transaction declined (format error)
800.100.190 Transaction declined (invalid configuration data)
800.100.174 Transaction declined (invalid amount)
800.100.152 Transaction declined by authorization system
800.900.401 Invalid IP number
700.400.200 Cannot refund (refund volume exceeded or tx reversed or invalid workflow?)
800.100.100 Transaction declined for unknown reason

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