Why is my customer getting a fraud alert when trying to pay with the payment link ?

Peach Payments PaySafe is used by many travel companies to send payment links to their customers, to request payment for events, conferences and travel tickets.

Why is my customer getting a fraud alert for a Peach PaySafe link ?

Some banks may send their client a notification email to warn them of a transaction that has been processed overseas and could be fraudulent. The reason why the transaction is seen as an overseas transaction by the bank, (even if the customer was making a payment online, still in their country) is because the merchant (website or app) would have a South African, Kenyan or Mauritius merchant account for card processing.

Image source : suspicious activity email alert

How can I be sure that my customer is safe ?

Peach Payments systems are secured according to PCI DSS standards for card processing and handling. Please read more about Peach Payments security measures here.

What should I tell my customer ?

You can add some information in the payment link email or SMS that is sent to the customer to prompt them in advance to expect this notification from their bank. Here are some features you can point out to the customer to help them understand the security features of the payment link and systems, so that they can confirm legitimacy with the bank.


Secure SSL

Peach Payments PaySafe web servers are secured to make sure all information that is transmitted from teh browser, from the customer, is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to this information, while the info is in transit.


Card scheme 3D-Secure 

Peach Payments PaySafe transactions are subjected to 3D-Secure for customers to authenticate their transactions with their issuing bank. More on 3D-Secure is available here

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