On my bank account statement, what do NEDLINK DP and MERCHANT D mean?


If you receive card transactions via a Nedbank merchant account, you'll see line items on your bank account statement that contain NEDLINK DP and MERCHANT D.


This is the deposit of your card transactions from the previous day. So if you received a total of 100 ZAR of card transactions on the 28th of November, this will show on your bank account statement on the 29th of November as NEDLINK DP 2911

If the total is a negative, because your refunds were higher than the debits for a specific day, NEDLINK DP will be a negative amount



This is the Merchant Discount that you pay to Nedbank over your transactions. This is usually debited at the end of the month and you should receive a breakdown of these fees via email. If you don't receive these. Please send us a message at support@peachpayments.com, so that we can add your email address.

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