How to check which integration a merchant has used


To see what integration a merchant is using with us, you can check on the BIP as follows :

- click on any of the merchant's transactions
- check the "summary" section - look for "File Type"




ASYNCPOST Old SDK (Payworks SDK - deprecated) - for mobile native apps
MSDK New SDK for native mobile apps
OPP Server to server / Fontera Magento / Recurring transaction
OPP_CopyAndPAY CopyAndPay integration / Woocommerce

Revindex or XML integration


Woocommerce recurring transaction / POST API transaction


To add to the above - if merchant has a subscription model, they may use copyandpay for the first transaction (When the customer is present) but their recurring debits will be done via server to server, so depending on which transaction you click on, you may see a different file type.


Please check with a technical integration team member in case of any doubts.


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