Peach Payments PaySafe - - Feature Updates 28 November 2018


Product update log - 28 NOVEMBER 2018 - Peach Payments PaySafe -

PaySafe updates for November 2018 include improved logging of events and additional supported currencies. 


Improved event tracking for payment attempts and completions.

PaySafe logs specific events, related to the payment link, that helps merchants know the status of a payment link. Tracking items include when a link is delivered via email, when an email is sent, when a customer clicks on a link, and so on.

November's release included a refactoring to help improve the events that are logged, when a payment link is created and paid for.


Possible statuses:

Email: Delivered, Opened, Click
SMS: Sent
Link: Created by, Sent to Customer
Payment: Attempted, Failed, Successful



More currencies are now available in PaySafe.

KES, GBP and EUR have been added for merchants to support multi-currency. Merchants will need a multi-currency merchant account and select the currencies to be accepted.


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