How to submit a debit order batch for processing - manual CSV upload


This article shows you how to log into the peach payments system to submit a debit order batch, so that your customers bank accounts are debited and the funds are settled into your bank account.

Two ways of processing debit orders :

  1. Manually via CSV upload at (file attached below)
  2. Via API call from your system

This article talks about the manual CSV upload method.

What you need :

  1. Peach payments debit order account (Send us your information with this form to get setup)
  2. Login details for
  3. CSV file template


Debit Order Processing via CSV Upload

Please refer to the CSV template provided for Debit Orders
Log into portal to upload the CSV file with the payment details for the debit orders. 

Once logged into the PeachPay portal, navigate to;
Collections -> Debit Orders -> Import Batch

Service type*
SDV - Submitted and Processed on the same day as action date – file can be loaded on the same day as debit order date - daily submission deadline is 15h00.

File format*
Paysoft CSV (With Headers) 

Add the description and submit for processing.
If there are any failed validations – you can view and correct before submission or continue with errors ie. The errors will not be processed.

Debit Order History Report

Go to Collections -> Debit Orders ->DebitOrderHistory

The history report will provide information on all previous batches processed and the status of each transaction.

Unpaid Transaction Report

Go to Collections -> Debit Orders ->UnpaidTransactions
Here you will see all unpaid transactions and the reason for unpaid – ie insufficient funds, account closed etc.

Some useful links for information :

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