Compliance with The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act)


Protecting your privacy rights and safeguarding personal information when processed is important to Peach Payments. Peach Payments has adapted its systems and procedures to comply with the provisions of The Protection of Personal Information Act (also known as POPI Act) with regards to protection of personal information. Our approach is to implement compliance in such a way that it delivers business value and allows for improvement in efficiencies and effectiveness to meet the compliance requirements.

Where processing of Personal Information is involved, Personal Information shall have the meaning defined in the POPI Act and shall specifically refer to all personal information passed on to Peach Payments by the Merchant through the Merchant’s use of Peach Payments Services.

According to POPI terminology, Peach Payments acts as the Operator and the merchant the responsible party. Consequently, Peach Payments undertakes to treat personal data as confidential information and shall only process personal information with the knowledge and authorization of the Merchant for the following purposes:
i. Providing Peach Payment Services pursuant to the Agreement;
ii. Complying with applicable legal requirements; and
iii. Complying with other documented instructions provided by the Merchant.

We have implemented security and privacy concepts into the day to day operations of our organization to keep personal information secure and protect it against unauthorized or unlawful processing, accidental loss and unauthorized access.

i. Encryption of Data
Peach Payments protects personal information by using secure (PCI Level 1 Compliant) networks and servers to store and encrypt personal information.

ii. Specific Users Account
Peach Payments shall ensure that its personnel when using an automated data processing system may access only data that are within their competence.

iii. Secured Access and Restricted Access to the IT infrastructure
Peach Payments shall take commercially reasonable steps to prevent any unauthorized person from accessing the facilities used for data processing and to prevent any unauthorized amendment or deletion of the recorded data.

Peach Payments may update or modify such security measures but will not materially decrease the overall security of the services.

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