Peach Payments PaySafe - - Feature Updates 04 July 2018


Product update log  - 04 JULY 2018 - Peach Payments PaySafe -

PaySafe is being built to simplify collections for businesses and make the payments experience for end-users and customers, simple, seamless and secure.

PaySafe is ready to use "out-the-box" and can be connected to your existing Xero and SageOne accounting platforms.

Businesses and professional service providers are requesting valuable additions to the Peach payments PaySafe platform.

Our product team continues to work on features to make the platform more functional.

Get started (No technical integration or web presence needed).



Merchants with profiles can enable the new features by following the steps below :

  1. Login to
  2. Navigate to Settings
  3. Click Payment Options 


* Budget Payments for PaySafe

Merchants will now have the ability to offer their customers budget payments, or installment payments. Merchants will still be paid in full upfront, but the customer has the option to pay in installments with their bank. Merchants can enable this in their PaySafe settings. If enabled by the merchant, customers will see this option on the payment widget.


Customer view of budget period enabled :


Merchant view of budget period setting :



* Save Card (tokenization) for PaySafe

Merchants will now have the ability to save their customer's card securely for future transactions on their platform. They are able to enable this feature in their PaySafe merchant settings and they also have the option of requiring card storage, or giving the option to the customer.




This is what customers will see in their card widget, once these options are enabled by a merchant




* Other technical updates - Webhooks

Two new event parameters were added to the PaySafe webhook to provide merchants with additional context to their incoming transactions. They will now be able to see the time of an event in the new [statusTimestamp] parameter. The second parameter added is [testmode], this will provide merchants the ability to see if their transaction originated from a testing environment [TRUE] or a live environment [FALSE].




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