Configuring the Magento plugin for Peach Payments

First install the plugin following this instruction
Then configure the plugin
In the Configuration menu - you will find an option called Open Payments Platform. There you will configure the following: 
  • Operation Mode = Test mode
  • Test Mode = Internal
  • Other options you can configure based on what behavior you need from the module.
Then go to Payment Methods: here you will see that there are a number of payment methods added from us. You will enable and configure the following:
Choose Open Payment Platform Credit Card
  • Enabled = Enabled
  • EntityID = same as above
  • Capturing = Directly after order
  • COPYandPAY Style = "plain" but you can choose this based on what UI you prefer
  • Authorisation Method = Widget Authorization
  • Authorized / Uncertain / Captured status = set as per your requirement on what you need order status to be. Usually merchants prefer going to "Processing"
  • Alias Manager = Active - allows users to store their card data and we then still do 3DSecure on the stored card i.e. One click checkouts WITH 3DSecure.
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