Peach Payouts with float management


Peach Payouts now supports float management

Your finance team no longer needs to make bank transfers, each time you need to use our payouts system. You can simply maintain a float, by funding your Peach Payouts account.

Whenever you need to make outbound payments, the batch amounts will be deducted from the  your Peach Payouts account balance.


Please send us your details to get your account setup.


How it works

Merchants have used Peach Payouts to settle suppliers invoices, pay wages, salaries and commissions, for marketplace split payments.


1. Open Peach Payouts account

2. Fund your Payouts account (Or you can choose to make a transfer with the batch number as reference, each time you want to make split payments)

3. Submit batches via API or CSV - your Payouts account balance will be deducted




Our Peach Payouts knowledge-base gives you some information on the system and processes.
See how Payouts works here 

1. How do I submit a batch ?

You can build your own interface (submit via API), or upload a batch manually on our platform (Upload a CSV via

2. How do I check my Peach payouts balance ?

Login to (username and password is provided once you sign up) - The balance will also be displayed in the merchant console.

In case you are not able to view your balance, you may also request your balance by sending an email to

3. What happens when a payment to a recipient fails ?

Depending on the failure reason, the funds will be paid out weekly to your bank account

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