Can I turn 3DSecure off (Is 3DSecure mandatory?)


3DSecure is not an option in South Africa since this is in fact mandated by PASA (payments regulator). As a merchant – you will be liable for fines from the banks and card associations for non-compliance. You would need to process eCommerce transactions via 3DSecure.


The 3DSecure process is handled completely by the banks and Bankserv. Our systems only receive feedback from the customer's bank and the Merchant Plugin In (MPI), on the result of the 3DSecure authentication process.


As a PSP – we cannot in fact switch it off as that makes us non-compliant and we risk our license and contracts with the banks.


The ****ONLY exception**** that currently exists for 3DSecure is for Native Apps for iOS and Android. If you have a native iOS / Android app then you do not need to enforce 3DSecure in those. For the website / mobi sites it is required.


We continue to work on alternatives together with the banks to ensure a more user-friendly, stable and still secure process for this.


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Addition as of 1st December 2016

****ONLY exception****  - Please note that we also have a 3DSecure-enabled SDK available

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