Some common declined transaction codes and reasons


This article gives some more information on common transaction declined status codes and reasons, to help understand why transactions have not been successful

Some steps to understand why a payment has failed

  1. Look at the payment type (summary of payment types given below)
  2. Check the return / reason code
  3. View this article to see why the transaction may have failed

Click on the transaction and view the "summary" information, to find the return code
Please note that these reasons may not always be 100% applicable. This is based on majority of cases seen, for the respective return code

Return codes and typical explanation of failures 


800.100.152   Transaction declined by authorization system

1. Insufficient funds / limit reached
2. Risk system of issuing bank declined transaction
3. Risk system of acquiring bank declined transaction
4. Other technical reasons including that the card is not enabled for online transactions

for reason 4 : Some quick checks you can do :

- Check if card enabled for use overseas
- Is tokenisation / Card storage allowed for card type ? The payment could be returning this code because the card is not enabled for non 3D-Secure / recurring debits (This is common for prepaid, debit cards)

100.380.401 User Authentication Failed Incorrect OTP. This return code always signifies that the bank's system was unable to authenticate the user
100.396.103 Previously pending transaction timed out The registration transaction was not authenticated and timed out. The debit references the registration token and hence this may also fail
100.390.112 Technical Error in 3D system This occurs when there is an error with the 3DSecure process at the bank. It could be that their 3DSecure system was down at the time

Risk management transaction timeout The customer probably did not enter their OTP or possibly did not get shown the 3Dsecure page because something on the customer's browser was blocking the 3DSecure page from loading


Payment types below - 

  • PA, Preauthorization: A stand-alone authorisation that will also trigger optional risk management and validation. A Capture (CP) with reference to the Preauthorisation (PA) will confirm the payment..
  • DB, Debit: Debits the account of the end customer and credits the merchant account.
  • CD, Credit: Credits the account of the end customer and debits the merchant account. (Contact Peach payments on availability of this payment type with the acquirer / merchant account)
  • CP, Capture: Captures a preauthorized (PA) amount.
  • RV, Reversal: Reverses an already processed Preauthorization (PA), Debit (DB) or Credit (CD) transaction. As a consequence, the end customer will never see any booking on his statement. A Reversal is only possible until a connector specific cut-off time. Some connectors don't support Reversals.
  • RF, Refund: Credits the account of the end customer with a reference to a prior Debit (DB) or Credit (CD) transaction. The end customer will always see two bookings on his statement. Some connectors do not support Refunds.
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