Subscriptions FAQs and information for recurring orders


The Woosubscriptions plugin handles the order management for the subscriptions and the Peach Payments plugin handles the payments for the recurring billing, when payments are due.

Some FAQs :

I would like to know, on the subscriptions plugin, what the various payment periods are i.e monthly weekly etc. Are they customisable?

The payment periods are flexible. You can view the documentation on payment schedules here
Please check to make sure your desired schedule is available.

Can we receive alerts as to when subscription payments are due?

This is an order management query rather than a payments query. The WooCommerce console has notifications for when a payment order is made and completed. You would need another WooThemes plugin for order notifications. Please see documentation for this plugin here
There is custom code or webhooks that you can use to achieve this as well, but that would need custom development.

Can this data be imported perhaps as an excel spreadsheet?

You can extract the information into excel via the merchant console (BIP) mentioned above. We have screencast videos available to show you how to do this.

Do we select an email address as to where we receive the payment and customer details? How is this received?

All the payment details will be accessible in the BIP and the order details will be available in your website back end dashboard as seen in the inserted screenshot above. As mentioned there are separate plugins that you can install to add additional or custom notifications.

Will the customer be led to the cart/checkout function before selecting subscription payments?

The customer will purchase a subscription product and add this to their cart. Once they are ready to pay, they can then proceed to checkout and then enter their personal, shipping and billing details. They will then enter their card details and then pay. Once payment is done, they will be sent to a transaction result page on your website and can log into their "My Account" page, at anytime, to see all their order details.

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