Root Cause Analysis - Mar 23 - Resolved problem with Peach Processing


Incident Type: Red - Live transaction processing unavailable

Incident Timeframe: 23rd March 2016, 08:50 - 10:28 SAST

Affected Systems: Transaction processing, BIP

Description: On the 23rd March 2016, between 08:50 - 10:28 SAST the Peach Payments platform experienced issues processing live transactions. The issue was caused by hardware failure in the network switches which affected both the main and secondary datacenter. The issue was fixed by local engineers of the datacenter provider by interacting with the system on-site and exchanging hardware.

Impact on system / BIP: Live transaction processing was unavailable between 08:50 - 10:28 SAST

Root cause: Hardware failure due to a bug in the firmware of the switches; in combination with challenges in switching to redundant systems

Lessons learned and next steps: The hardware provider is analyzing the issue. The internal failover processes are reviewed in order to optimize switching to secondary systems.

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Once again we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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