[UPDATE] - Oct 20th Nedbank/iVeri Downtime



Dear Merchants,

As you are aware Nedbank/iVeri systems were not reachable from 13.30 PM SAST till 18:30PM SAST.

Below is a bit more detail on what caused the outage on the Nedbank/iVeri system.

Root Cause:

ISP Routing Issue : The routing between ISP's for Nedbank/iVeri's address range (196.xx.xxx.0/24) was affected by some change at Neotel yesterday morning.

This resulted in inconsistent access to the DNS servers hosted on the IP address range so depending on which ISP a person happens to have been using would determine whether or not any issue was experienced or not. E.g. all testing that we conducted from IS's network to the range showed there to be no problem at all. However, the same tests, conducted from an amazon server in the U.S or vodacom's network locally showed that only one of the four DNS servers were able to be accessed because it is not hosted on iVeri's address range. Essentially what this meant is that people on the affected ISP's would not have been able to resolve DNS names 3 out of 4 times. This inter-ISP routing issue was resolved by neotel at 18:30 on the 20th.

We are continuously reviewing our processes and will shortly add new features including redundancies at the 3DS MPI and bank level to further reduce risk for merchants processing with Peach Payments.

Hope this helps provide more clarity on what cause the downtime at Nedbank yesterday.

Thank you

Your Peach Payments Team

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