ACTION REQUIRED: New IP range for the Peach Payments LIVE System from September 1st


Dear Merchants,

We would like to inform you about an upcoming change of Peach Payments' IP addresses for the LIVE system.

The change is necessary due to our planned security improvements.

It will affect the LIVE BIP and some of the LIVE processing URLs.

We will decrease the TTL for DNS look-ups to be more flexible to which IP's the traffic is routed. Therefore, please be prepared that the DNS look-up might return any IP of the range given below.

Any IP of the range should be allowed by you and your merchants from 1st of September 2015 onwards:

Required actions:

  • Please add the above listed new IP range to your white list for the LIVE system.
    • This change can be done immediately on your side.
  • Please do not delete the current IP's
  • Please use DNS look-up instead of hard coding IP addresses.


We apologize for any inconvenience.

Should there be any questions or concerns, please kindly contact our support team:

Thank you

Your Peach Payments Team

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