Testing with Peach Payments and WooCommerce


Testing the payment gateway

  • Go to “WooCommerce >> Settings”.
  • Click the “Payments” tab at the top of the screen.
  • Select “Peach Payments” and click on “manage”.
  • Change the “Transaction Mode” to “Integrator Test” mode.
  • Enter Peach Payments TEST access credentials into the “Sender ID”, “Channel ID” and “3DSecure Channel ID” fields. You would have received these after registering with Peach.
  • Click “Save changes”.
  • Now test the payment gateway by purchasing a product on your website using the Peach Payment Test Cards (the Test Card numbers provided in this system can be used to test the various components of your integration).
  • Peach Payments Test Cards – These cards are to be used when testing on the Peach Payments platform in the INTEGRATOR TEST mode only.
  • NedBank Test Cards. Please use these test cards when testing in the CONNECTOR TEST mode.
  • Bankserv Test Cards – These cards are used to test your 3DSecure integration workflows.

Some of these cards will work on the Peach Payments platform in the INTEGRATOR_TEST mode and some will return an error (100.100.101). Please ignore the error and continue to test your workflows.


Test credit cards for Peach Payments can be found here:


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