Install and configure Peach Payments Woocommerce plugin extension


Merchants with a wordpress website using woocommerce for their online shop can accept card payments using the Peach payments woocommerce plugin extension.


Before you start this, make sure you have access to a Peach sandbox, you can request one at 

How to install Peach Payments Woocommerce plugin

There are two ways to get the plugin file to install it on your site and start collecting card payments on your woocommerce online store.


1. Go to plugins >> add new >> search for Peach payments in your wordpress repository and click on install. Once installed, you can then activate

2. Go to plugins >> add new >> click on "Upload Plugin" and upload the plugin zip file if you have previously downloaded it from


Configuring and testing your Woocommerce Peach Payments gateway

Go to “WooCommerce >> Settings”.

  • Click the “Payments” tab at the top of the screen.
  • Select “Peach Payments” and click on “Setup / Manage”.
  • Change the “Transaction Mode” to “Integrator Test” mode.
  • Enter Peach Payments TEST access credentials into the:
    • “User login” and "User password" You can find these credentials in the Console, under the tab "Development > PayOn API Credentials"
    • “Channel ID” and “3DSecure Channel ID” fields You can find these credentials in the Console, under the tab "Channel Info"
  • Click “Save changes”.
  • Now test the payment gateway by purchasing a product on your website using the Peach Payment Test Cards (the Test Card numbers provided in this article can be used to test the various payment flows eg. subscription purcahse, virtual product purchase, etc).


Test credit cards for Peach Payments can be found here:

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