Configuring the Peach Payments Woocommerce plugin extension


Merchants with a wordpress website using woocommerce for their online shop can accept card payments using the Peach payments woocommerce plugin extension

How to access the Peach Payments Woocommerce plugin

There are two ways to get the plugin file to install it on your site and start collecting card payments on your woocommerce online store.


1. Go to plugins >> add new >> search for Peach payments in your wordpress repository and click on install. Once installed, you can then activate

2. Go to plugins >> add new >> click on "Upload Plugin" and upload the plugin zip file if you have previously downloaded it from


Configuring and testing your Woocommerce Peach Payments gateway

Go to “WooCommerce >> Settings”.

  • Click the “Payments” tab at the top of the screen.
  • Select “Peach Payments” and click on “Setup / Manage”.
  • Change the “Transaction Mode” to “Integrator Test” mode.
  • Enter Peach Payments TEST access credentials into the “Sender ID”, “Channel ID” and “3DSecure Channel ID” fields. You would have received these after registering with Peach.
  • Click “Save changes”.
  • Now test the payment gateway by purchasing a product on your website using the Peach Payment Test Cards (the Test Card numbers provided in this system can be used to test the various components of your integration).
  • Peach Payments Test Cards – These cards are to be used when testing on the Peach Payments platform in the INTEGRATOR TEST mode only.
  • NedBank Test Cards. Please use these test cards when testing in the CONNECTOR TEST mode.
  • Bankserv Test Cards – These cards are used to test your 3DSecure integration workflows.

Some of these cards will work on the Peach Payments platform in the INTEGRATOR_TEST mode and some will return an error (100.100.101). Please ignore the error and continue to test your workflows.


Test credit cards for Peach Payments can be found here:

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