CopyandPay upgraded to version 4 - Whats new!


Our aim for this COPYandPAY update were:

  • to make the merchant's integration more safe and simple 
  • the merchant integrates once while the Peach Payments then manages/enables new brands and features
  • to support more advanced use cases like allowing merchants to now send transactions at a common channel and then Peach Payments automatically rerouting them based on the brand fo the card and payment method etc.,

The features can be grouped into 3 different categories:

  • Integration and setup
  • Options and API
  • Performance considerations

Click here to see what's new in CopyandPay v4!

We have created a whole section of KB entries to help you with your integrations - CopyanPay V4


We will continue to support previous versions of COPYandPAY and maintain bug fixes. The version-specific documentation will continue to be available. 

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